Innovative and Simple Electronic Number Plate

An engineering student namely Aniket Anand Fondekar from Surla-Goa perusing his bachelor degree at PCCE- Goa in electronics and telecommunication branch have designed an electronic number plate. The main feature of the number plate is that the numbers can be togani1gled as and when a rider wants. “This number plate was designed just for fun sake, “ he says and he added, “ such application can be designed by anyone who knows a little bit of science and has a bit of knowledge in binary codes for specific digital number”.

He says “the design was made just to implement some basics that are thought to us in college but now I can see huge future for this”

He says “the improved design can be used as a replacement for regular number plates used by vehicle “. “The LED light used will be beneficial for traffic police to identify the number at night time from a far distance,” he added.

The most important innovation is that he plans to have a speed detector system to thani2e number plate which will be in connected to traffic control room at all time. “Managing traffic will be so easy,” he said while explaining the concept.

It was designed for fun sake but now it can be derived as an innovative product for controlling the traffic system. A simple innovation can make a great difference.

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Innovative and Simple Electronic Number Plate Comments

  1. The concept seems good. But with all due respect, LED number plate can be misused more often to display fake numbers, its a simple hack. And speed detectors on vehicle ECU would make more sense as all new (ECU equipped vehicles) comes with auxiliary slot.

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